Basic steps to create a wordpress blog

Currently, if you want to build a website, the best option is the content manager WordPress, a PHP-based CMS system that offers the greatest potential of the network. Here, we will list the main steps for creating a blog with wordpress, and show an example of page created using this technology.

First step: the domain name
Domain names and internet concept

The first step for create a blog on WordPress, a page in PHP or any own space on the Internet, is to register a domain. That is, a name .com .net .org… that will help us locate our website.

The most famous and reliable sites that sell Internet domains are Godaddy, Name, and Namecheap. Any of these three companies provide cheap and quality service.

The average price of a .com domain name is US $ 10.

Second step: find a hosting

When we have our domain name, the second step is to find a hosting. That is, a space to be able to upload our website so that visitors can access. In this regard, one of the cheapest suppliers and good host is

This host provider has a basic service for just $ US 4.95 per month.

Third step: WordPress as CMS
wordpress, for example, offers an auto-installer that brings WordPress. Most offer hosting WordPress CMS installation with a single click, or if you prefer, we can also upload files that can be downloaded free from the website of the WordPress. Currently, over 50% of internet content managers are WordPress. It is the best content management system today.

Fourth step: Design our WordPress

As more content manager used, WordPress offers thousands of predesigned templates for use on our websites. We can also design our own template, giving our website a custom look. Also are thousands of plugins and resources available for WordPress.

Fifth step: Content

Once we installed our website with WordPress, the only thing left is to introduce quality content. The content must be original, relevant and consistent, at least once a week.

You can see an example of a web site created with wordpress visiting

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