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Example code Captcha with PHP and GD Library


In this tutorial I'll teach you how to make a captcha with php using GD Graphics Library. See live example clicking here To create our captcha we will need: captcha.php index.php and arial.ttf (font) Step 1 - captcha.php <?php session_start(); header("Content-type: image/jpeg"); $code = generateCode(); $fonts = str_split($code); $img = imagecreatetruecolor(300,120); $color=imagecolorallocate($img,rand(0,255),rand(0,255),rand(0,255)); imagefill($img,0,0,$color); $fontColor=imagecolorallocate($img,255,255,255); $font ="arial.ttf"; for($i=0;$i<sizeof($fonts);$i++){ imagefttext($img,30,rand(-20,15),12*$i*2+35,45,$fontColor,$font,$fonts[$i]); } imagejpeg($img); imagedestroy($img); $_SESSION['captcha']=$code; function generateCode(){ $cod1 = ""; $i = 0; while($i<2){ $cod1.=chr(rand(48,57));; $cod1.=chr(rand(65,90));; $cod1.=chr(rand(97,122));; $i++; } return $cod1; } ?> In this file we create an ...

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