Free Learning Resources for Python Developers

Python has become one of the top programming languages because of its power, versatility and ease of use. Anyone who is just starting out as a programmer or Python developer can find a ton of educational resources online free of charge. To help filter your search, we’ve compiled some of the best free learning resources for Python developers.

The official Python website,, is overflowing with useful information for Python developers and programmers of all levels. They have conveniently categorized all of their articles into Beginner, Moderate, Advanced and General level information. Python developers can also find useful resources for Python 3.X and 2.X, such as library references, language references, and guides for extending and embedding. This is the home of the Python Developer’s Guide.

The Python Developer’s Toolkit

This comprehensive professional Python developer’s manual is available with a free trial from plural sight. The guide contains essentially everything you could ever need as a Python developer, from the basics of managing installing and inspecting Python packages, using Virtualenv, checking the quality of your code with Pylint, debugging, and distributing your project.

Google’s Python Class

The free Python class from Google is designed for people who have some programming experience and want to learn Python. It is suitable for aspiring Python developers at any level, and has easy links to get started installing Python and learning the language. This class also has an associated forum where you can ask questions and share your experiences with other users.

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