Tricks to increase your app downloads

If you have just created your own Android or iOS app and feel very satisfied with the way it works but the amount of downloads is not what you were expecting, then it’s time to learn how to increase these downloads. Today, we’ll unveil some important tricks that can be useful to get more people interested in downloading your application.

Tricks to increase your app downloads

The first mandatory trick is a video for your app. Yes, you must hire a video editing professional who can take care of this issue and create a superb video for your app. There are even freelancers and companies specialized in app videos development. Now, make sure your video has subtitles so most people can understand what it is all about, for example, a video in Spanish must have English subtitles and viceversa if you are planning on releasing it in English-speaking countries. So subtitles are totally mandatory if you want to reach more public and increase the number of downloads.

Another interesting yet effective trick when getting started in the app business is to offer your app at half price or absolutely free for limited time. This tactic next to a good promotional campaign will have an impressive effect in the amount of downloads, they will surely increase dramatically.

However, the key trick is to translate our app to other languages. Some of the main reasons for this are:

1. When the app is translated, you reach more users, increasing your audience in a notable way.
2. The app downloads will increase radically.
3. The increase in app downloads will represent higher profits for you plus more potential customers in your database.

Tricks to increase your app downloads

One of the most common mistakes when releasing an app is not to translate it to other languages, especially the most spoken ones. Nowadays, there are great services for apps translation, is quite possibly one of the best out there. The site offers professional app translations at highly competitive prices. Furthermore, it’s pretty easy to order your translation online, all you have to do is follow these 3 simple steps:

1- Choose the operating system for your app (Android or iOS)
2- Upload your app text either in English or Spanish. If you use a different language from these two, just get in touch with the site’s customer service.
3- Add the text to be included in your app according to the store, for example, for Google’s Play Store you must enter the info in the fields used within the store. Same goes for Apple’s App Store, you must fill in the spaces required for the app to be properly published online.

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