Tutorial: Create Android App with RSS Feed and notifications

Is this tutorial we will create an android application with feed and notifications in simple steps without necessity of programming.

This application we will create using appyet.com page. The first step is sign in.

The next step is to introduce the name of our application. Field “Package Name:” will automatically update after entering the name. In “template” I’ll pick “demo template”.

Click on “Create app”

On the next screen, we can change the logo of our app
createapp logo

Now we go to the “modules” tab

I will eliminate all blocks, clicking on “details”> “Delete this module”.

Should only be the default modules: “Downloads”, “Sync”, “Themes”, “Settings”.

To make our application with a wordpress feed, in the list below, select “Feed: WordPress”.


We fill the fields
modules app

On the next screen we can change the number of entries to display, I recommend put it in 20
modules app

Click on Update.

We can add more than one feed to our module. Eg facebook activity feed
feed app

Now is the time to activate notifications.

We press on “Back to Modules” to return to our menu.

We go into the Settings tab


Select the frequency of update

We press “Save changes”

We go to the “build” tab and press “submit to build”

It only remains go to the inbox of our email and install the file .apk that has come

appyet preview

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